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Technical Information

The Columbus Building / Cast / Bespoke panels



We offer two sealants for our cast products. We are happy to advise on what would be best for your particular project.

Wabi - for worktops

FC24 - for panels


Weight Guide

The cast range uses UHPC, which is 40% lighter and 8 times stronger than traditional concrete.

15mm thickness = 32kg per m2

18mm thickness = 38kg per m2

20mm thickness = 42kg per m2

traditional concrete = 50kg per m2 


Install team

We work with the best install teams for fast, worry free installation. These fitters know the product inside out.

Supply Only

We can provide the material in sheet format for you to work with yourself. However we advise consulting with us before doing so. We can guide you through the best methods of cutting, joining and finishing the material.


For more information on our
fixing systems, please see our technical guide. Alternately,
our technical department

can advise you on which

fixing system to use.


Cemento cast panelling can be jointed in the following ways:

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