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Reimagining Concrete

We are Cemento. We offer cutting-edge concrete design solutions, helping our clients build more imaginatively and sustainably.


Cemento launched an innovative material called ‘WILL’ at the Surface Design Show in London im Feb 2022.  With new textures, new colours, and new substrates, WILL is a revolutionary surface finish made from 90% reclaimed stone that offers designers and architects an opportunity to get truly creative with concrete.


Lightweight Concrete


Discover the many compelling benefits of Cemento’s Lightweight Concrete panelling. It’s light, flexible, fast to produce, easy to install and environmentally-friendly.
An ideal choice and affordable option for many design projects. Starts at 5kg/m2.

Cast Concrete


Our commitment to quality means we only offer
Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC). How does this compare with traditional GRC? It’s 40% lighter, eight times stronger and LEED accredited. A beautiful way to create slender, self-supporting objects, with limitless textures and colours available.

     4-6 weeks for bespoke panels

     8-10 weeks for bespoke cast concrete

     from 5kg/m2

     from 20kg/m2

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Be inspired by our most popular products:

We are experts in delivering high quality, sustainably considered concrete solutions.

We Supply:

     Sheet Materials

     Bespoke Design Services

     Technical Drawings

   Product Training



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