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The world’s best

Cast Concrete

Cemento uses Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) by Ductal® and we have a long-standing partnership with a highly experienced,
world-renowned Italian workshop that produces this exceptionally high quality Cast Concrete. The skill is in the moulds; they’re fabricated to match the desired shape and texture exactly.

Cast / Bespoke Terracotta / Rome

We partner with the best to bring you the best.

Cemento UK Ltd. is a London-based company and we’re the sole UK partners of Il Cantiere – the Italian manufacturers of Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) Ductal®.

What’s so special about UHPC Ductal®?

Because it’s 40% lighter and eight times stronger, you do not need as much cement to create a finished product that gives you five times the compressive strength of normal concrete. Furthermore, the bending, abrasion, porosity and fire/freeze/thaw resistance is also considerably more.

Our Cemento team are experts at installation. We can cut panels to bespoke sizes, drill holes for fixing systems or to accommodate white goods or equipment, and we can create 45 degree mitred cuts in our workshop, prior to delivery on site.

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The Benefits of UHPC concrete

It's a natural product

Made from natural elements,
no resins.

Resists abrasion

It’s better than polished granite.


From 32kgs per sqm @ 15mm thick

Environmentally friendly
& sustainable

ISO 14001 and complies with BREEAM, LEED projects and

EU regulations


Guaranteed porosity

Water, dust and pollution cannot penetrate UHPC.


Compressive strength

Up to 130Mpa or 8–10 times stronger than normal concrete.

Fire rated

Class A2 of the European standard EN 13501-1, Class 0 and Class M0.

Dry install

No wet trades required.


Every piece of Cast Concrete is unique and full of character. Careful attention to detail during the manufacturing process allows naturally occurring patches, spots and streaks to surface, which gives each panel a beautifully textured look.

Standard colours

We can match bespoke RAL/NCS colours on request.

Want samples? Order here

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