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We care about

the environment

For us, being an environmentally responsible business isn’t about ticking boxes or just keeping up with the latest legislation.


We try to be ahead of the curve, to lead not follow, because we care deeply about our impact on the planet. We want to use our knowledge and position to be a force for good. That means working tirelessly to solve current day challenges in the most responsible way possible, and looking to the future to bring the type of changes that will help create a better world for everyone.


FSC® & PEFC certificates: 

We only buy timber from sustainable forests and can show the full custody chain to demonstrate the tree lifecycle.

FSC® - C1009654


ISO 14001: 

We operate in accordance with the Environmental Management System.

World Land Trust Supporters: 

Our donations have successfully protected 14 acres of threatened wilderness habitat and wildlife.

LEED Credits: 

Cemento Cast Concrete can achieve up to 11 different credits on LEED projects.

Fire Rated: 

Cemento lightweight can achieve class 0 spread of flame (Euro Class B)


Cemento Cast range achieves class 0 and Class M0 (Euro class A2)

Low VOC's: 

MDF substrates test low for VOCs and work on ska, BREEAM & LEED projects.

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