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The Genius of

Lightweight Concrete

Just a few millimetres of Cimento® applied to a backing substrate gives you the strength of concrete cast in a mould. It also weighs considerably less and can be produced much faster.

Lightweight / Timber Planked C02 Concrete

We partner with the best to bring you the best.

Cemento UK Ltd. is a London-based company, and we’re the sole UK partners of Sai Industry – the Italian manufacturers of revolutionary Cimento®.

What is so special about Cimento®?

It’s an extremely versatile composite material; a concrete mixture you can apply to panels or sheets made of anything from MDF to steel.

Strong and sustainable, Cimento® offers all the benefits of concrete: the durability, versatility and aesthetic appeal, but it’s faster and easier to install. And because it doesn’t require wet installation, it costs significantly less in labour.

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Key Benefits

It's a natural product

No resins used & made from
natural elements.

Ideal for interior & exterior

Versatile enough for any design project.


friendly & sustainable

We use certified substrates and ISO14001 management systems to comply with BREEAM, LEED projects and EU regulations.

Short lead-time

Standard delivery is four weeks after sign off date.

Freedom to make site changes

Panels can accommodate scribing, extra cut-outs etc.


Choose flexible, curved sheets

Minimum curved radius is 31000mm.

Removable & reusable

Less waste, more economical.

Huge range of colours,
textures and finishes

Add your choice of colour to the natural concrete: RAL, NCS or Pantone.


Fast, dry installation

No wet trades required.


Fire rated

We can use fire-rated timber and sealants to achieve

Euro-Class B (Class 0).

Perfectly Textured

Every panel of Cimento® is unique and full of character. Careful attention to detail during the manufacturing process allows naturally occurring patches, spots and streaks to surface, which gives each panel a beautifully textured look.



Replicates fair-faced concrete and is obtained from a silky-smooth mould. Small blowholes on the surface accentuate the porosity.


Timber Planked

Achieved by using a mould made of wooden slabs, for a finish that replicates planks of wood.



A finish that replicates irregular course concrete, thanks to the addition of chalky stone, clay and silicone sediments.

Standard Colours

We can match bespoke RAL/NCS colours on request.

Bespoke colour,
graphics &

When it comes to decoration, there are endless customisation options. Bring your brand to life with RAL/NCS colour-matching, signage and logos, vinyl prints, photographs and embossed words. We also offer reflective film, copper and silver sheets, and reproductions of textures.

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